Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Its been a few so catch up

well its been crazy! haylee started kinderg... abby turned 3!!!! hello kitty was the theme! caden did not want to take a pict. this is jackson....
opening gifts!
hello kitty!
can you belv she is 5 and in school?
her official 1st day school pict got deleted on accident!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

summer update

well i thought i need to update! everyone has sent me there updates and i have read there fav people and all has exciting news to share!!! us too!!! we r not expecting!!!! just enjoying the summer before haylee starts kindergarten! i cant believe it!! mommy has cried for 3 months!! all good we will not join the new trend of family of 5! 2 girls are way to costly! have u seen the clothes and accessories? wow! we tried soccer,not haylees thing! abby loves it but cant leagally play till the next year! dance is haylees fav and soon cheerleading. singing to taylor swift is all we do when home or in the car!! she can almost sing the whole cd word for word! abby knows the key words adn shouts them when they come up! abby took dance camp this summer and starts her official year in sept! everyday we ask "we go dance mrs.sherry?" no yet but we dress up anyways adn practice. laundry around this house is crazy! they both change clothes 50times a day!! well we hope is having a good summer! enjoy the picts! try to keep up on reg basis! check out the fav sites u might know some of these people!! it is so much fun!! lots of love all us

vegas fun NO kids

our third day in vegas robb and i walked the strip! we wanted to see all the hotels and teh water show and the pirate show! wow not what we expected! my legs still hurt!!!!!! it was sooooo much fun! me at new york new york!
robb at mgm
us before the show of fountains!

vegas fun NO kids

candy pole dancing on the tram from the airport!
steve adn tia laughing at her?
one of the many hotels on the strip ceasars maybe?
went to see mystere! best part about the whole trip! so amazing!! robb came home and went on a whole new workout plan! the strenght involved!
yes those are boobs on a wall, no penis but a butt! go fig!

summer time

sea world! shamoo was fun but the girls got scared when bathed in salty stinky water and very cold!
haylee thought it was too loud!
the divers and swimmers at one show!
so tired! but had a blast!

summer time fun

summer fun at nonni and papaws pool! play day w. friends!
pool fun!
juwee adn ana( per abby)
matt , abby, nonni holding delana!( abby loves delana and is ok w. her nonni holding her b/c she goes home and does not stay w. nonni like saml:(
papaw in pool and abby looks so cute! and up to no good! she is watching real close to her nonni w/ delana!

summer time

well schools out for the summer! in just a few short weeks haylee (my big baby will start kindergarten) this is Delana jean allen (julie and matts little girl!!) here is our summer time goings!
lake kemp fun on the boat!
swim lesson at fain pool! friends kylee, cole, cohen!
weekend get away to san antonia w/ cuz wessy on the boat fairy
at sea world!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lake Kemp

Robb looks like a pirate!
the girls prefur the pool over the lake.
Shoops come to visit
Dinner time

Monday, June 9, 2008

Samual Dalton

He is here May 31 @ 1:03 am 7lb 14oz 20in.
all are healthy and fine. lori (my sister-n-law) say he will be an only child. 17 weeks? bed rest, sewing up the cervics(sp?) all to get him here, early labor w/ water breaking @ 11pm. he looks just like my brother!!!!!!!


heres abs! she enjoys moving all the time! keeps me running!!her first boat ride she fell asleep! abby will start dance in sept. she finished her first year of preschool, she loves all her friends and mostly wants to do everything haylee does.

up to date!

Haylee turned 5 this year! she will go to crockett in august. our year in a quick summary. not much happened in jan., julie and matt finally had a baby,delana jean. march haylee turned 5 and had a princess tea party. not much till may when haylee graduated from pre school, and enjoyed her dance recital.