Monday, September 14, 2009

This takes to long to upload picts so I keep the picts updated on facebook! Not enough time to get it all done. What have the Havens been up to? Robb still works for James Lane and has completed 2 triathlons (not sure how to spell that?) He has official gotten the same sickness he got this time last year! It puts a major dent in his workout schedule! I am working full time at Boley Featherston and love it but have a really hard time leaving Abs at daycare. She still freaks out when I leave her! Haylee started first grade, she will officially be smarter than us in a few years! Abby still sleeps very little. What can we do? This summer we attempted to go to the lake every weekend but thanks to Uncle Matt and his 4-wheeling accident right before the 4th of July the girls had a hard time going near him and Mimi and Popi. It has just gotten better. Slow process. Still waiting for a maid to my show up since Robb says no! At least he helps do the laundry and dishes! This is a quick over view!