Monday, March 30, 2009

Up to Speed

Here are the pictures of our fun time right here in the falls. Aunt Brenda (aka Nanni) had some work here and stayed in the hotel with an indoor pool. Cousins Kel, Hunter, and Wessy came to visit for a few days! We had a blast. I survived the not so scarry surgery. Have been home and trying to rest as much as I can while stilling taking care of the kids. Robb has been an amazing help and is loving it. God works in mysterious ways. Thanks for all the prayers, meals and pickups w/ the kids to everyone!


Aunt Brenda (Nanni), Kel, Abby, Haylee and Wessy play golf.
Too much fun!

The Plex

Abby plays in the car.
Haylee and Wes ride w/ Samuel

Samuel had fun too!

Eating at Gene's Tasty Burger
Cousin Hunter sitting w/ Abby by the hot tub!

Haylee swimming at the hotel here in WF.

Abby swimming fun.

Fun in the Falls

play funn at the park on monday!

climbing the tree!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Week Begins

As I sit here and wait for Robb to get home from raquet ball I decide to google hysterectomy by video! What a mistake. Do iI really want to know why body will be in so much pain after the procedure? Not really! I have good faith in my doctor but mostly I have faith in Christ and a ton of people praying for all of it. Lesson learned dont look up that stuff. Researching prolapsed uterus and different options of healing, but no so much the actual video of it. Will I be able to sleep after that? The drugs for the current pain I am in make me out of it so maybe by force? While I recover I will post my pictures of our spring break fun at the park... playing with friends and cousins around the big Wichita Falls. Maybe a video or two of my nephew riding a car at the Plex. Goodnight.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wake up call

Robb got up early and got Haylee a pink donut for her on her big day!
Abby wanted it to be her bday too.

Haylee gets pink golf clubs... is this a gift for haylee or daddy?

Mrs. Kaster.... this is our first official bday at school! WOW we are 6!


She has no idea the pain!
changed her mind... once the earings are opened you have to pay for them... mommy held her down.

can you see the tears?

that did hurt mom.

Upward Awards Night

Haylee and Evan
My "Dazzlers" that is what our upward team was called.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maggie Moo's

Carter tries his first bite of ice cream.
the girls w/ caden and robby....

bunny ears

Maggie Moo's

well i cant get this to rotate... sorry!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Abby dance party... valentines!
Samuel comes to visit!

Abby rides her bike!

Haylee rides in a skirt!

Face Book

Well I have officially became a face book junkie! What fun and all the picts come join!
The Havens...were are we going?
who do i really look like?

Abbys version of Gisiel from enchanted(singing ahha! ahha!)

Haylee looks so pretty! most of the time she has a fake smile.

Family pictures

papaw and noni w/all the grandbabies.
the cousins!


Lori and Samuel! who does he look like? if you dont know my brother its a mini him...