Saturday, November 21, 2009

What are we up to?

Well how long has it been? We have lost yet another dog. Tuffy has ran away and didn't come back. I guess we should not be dog owners for a while. Haylee lost her front tooth and is so excited. Abby is busy as ever she climbs all the way up her dresser draw to turn on her CD player. She opens draws as she goes to get up. Very clever. Robb is training for his first marathon. I have discovered I am not a runner. Its is not for me. I am tried zumba and love it. That sums ups our crazy lives. I will try to get some new Pict's on here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

This takes to long to upload picts so I keep the picts updated on facebook! Not enough time to get it all done. What have the Havens been up to? Robb still works for James Lane and has completed 2 triathlons (not sure how to spell that?) He has official gotten the same sickness he got this time last year! It puts a major dent in his workout schedule! I am working full time at Boley Featherston and love it but have a really hard time leaving Abs at daycare. She still freaks out when I leave her! Haylee started first grade, she will officially be smarter than us in a few years! Abby still sleeps very little. What can we do? This summer we attempted to go to the lake every weekend but thanks to Uncle Matt and his 4-wheeling accident right before the 4th of July the girls had a hard time going near him and Mimi and Popi. It has just gotten better. Slow process. Still waiting for a maid to my show up since Robb says no! At least he helps do the laundry and dishes! This is a quick over view!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too Long

Wow its been forever since I have done this. I need to update my pictures. Haylee is out of school. Abby started daycare and I officially started a 8:30-5 job. enough said.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday and then some

Well we had a good Easter like always. The girls hunted eggs out at my parents with my younger cousins (they think they are getting too big) Morgan and Madison. Food and family always a good time.

Today Abby really tried my patience. She is in to spitting. We went to eat at the Oyster Bar for dinner, she starting spitting all over the seat. Robb and I both got on to her. Robb told her she would get her mouth washed out with soap is she did it again. Of course when she got home later she got mad and spit at me. Being a mom of her word I took her into the bathroom to wash her mouth out with soap. I used a bar of dove soap (that's what we wash with). She actually liked it. Robb just laughed, I threw my hands up and told him to put everybody to bed. She of course crying for me to come upstairs and say good night. I let her go potty and have a small drink thanks to her re wetting the bed the last few nights. She looks at me and says "I need more soap, peassss" No way. "But I just spit in my woom(room). you need to wash my mouth out" Any suggestions on this.
Can you say strong willed child. Nothing gets her attention.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Look how cute my family is.
What did they get in there Easter baskets?

Haylee got a big girl bible.

Abby got a Bible storybook

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sprinkler fun!

Robb worked in the yard and turned on the sprinklers to water. Abby wanted to run in them. Haylee decided to do it also. The were both shaken by the time we stripped them down and brought them in. They had fun.

Lunch at Haylee's School

first visist since surgery! Still move a little slow.
Noni had to drive. Blue snow cone.

Haylee self portrait!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Life with the Havens family has been crazy! Haylee had her first field trip this year and she actually rode a bus! What big stuff for her and yes mommy went with her. What a fun ride for mommy as well 2 weeks after surgery. Abby is crying out for attention from mommy since she cant be held, pick up or anything else she use to do. Poor baby! We hit, throw, swing, kick, spit and scream at the top of our lungs. We had terrible 2's and 3's will she calm down after she turns 4 in September? I pray so. She can be the sweetest thing at times and it makes me wonder how she can be that other side! Who said being a mom ( stay at home mom) was easy must of had a nanny. My house stays wrecked. One morning I picked up sleeping bags twice in a2 hour period. Does this build character for us as well as for them? I am blessed and Thanks to Philippians 4:13 I am reminded "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Thank You Lord! Easter is almost here and lesson learned from He is Risen is so great for my children. Even Abby who wants to hear and bits and pieces come out of what she gets from it. Haylee bug prays for all her friends, dogs and babies, very well thought out and Long. She takes after her Papaw "Rick".
All in all we are blessed to have each other crazy and all. Thankful for a God who teaches us big life lessons in small ways. Well small compared to some?! Robb has enjoyed and learned that his role as father does not have to be a sports role. Since Haylee has a great dislike for most sports she has tried he has found other ways to bond with her and fill her love tank. Abby might be the high heel wearing soccer player or nails done basketball player he wants. Finding there place is the greatest gift next to God giving us these 2 precious girls that are complete opposite.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Up to Speed

Here are the pictures of our fun time right here in the falls. Aunt Brenda (aka Nanni) had some work here and stayed in the hotel with an indoor pool. Cousins Kel, Hunter, and Wessy came to visit for a few days! We had a blast. I survived the not so scarry surgery. Have been home and trying to rest as much as I can while stilling taking care of the kids. Robb has been an amazing help and is loving it. God works in mysterious ways. Thanks for all the prayers, meals and pickups w/ the kids to everyone!


Aunt Brenda (Nanni), Kel, Abby, Haylee and Wessy play golf.
Too much fun!

The Plex

Abby plays in the car.
Haylee and Wes ride w/ Samuel

Samuel had fun too!

Eating at Gene's Tasty Burger
Cousin Hunter sitting w/ Abby by the hot tub!

Haylee swimming at the hotel here in WF.

Abby swimming fun.

Fun in the Falls

play funn at the park on monday!

climbing the tree!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Week Begins

As I sit here and wait for Robb to get home from raquet ball I decide to google hysterectomy by video! What a mistake. Do iI really want to know why body will be in so much pain after the procedure? Not really! I have good faith in my doctor but mostly I have faith in Christ and a ton of people praying for all of it. Lesson learned dont look up that stuff. Researching prolapsed uterus and different options of healing, but no so much the actual video of it. Will I be able to sleep after that? The drugs for the current pain I am in make me out of it so maybe by force? While I recover I will post my pictures of our spring break fun at the park... playing with friends and cousins around the big Wichita Falls. Maybe a video or two of my nephew riding a car at the Plex. Goodnight.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wake up call

Robb got up early and got Haylee a pink donut for her on her big day!
Abby wanted it to be her bday too.

Haylee gets pink golf clubs... is this a gift for haylee or daddy?

Mrs. Kaster.... this is our first official bday at school! WOW we are 6!


She has no idea the pain!
changed her mind... once the earings are opened you have to pay for them... mommy held her down.

can you see the tears?

that did hurt mom.

Upward Awards Night

Haylee and Evan
My "Dazzlers" that is what our upward team was called.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maggie Moo's

Carter tries his first bite of ice cream.
the girls w/ caden and robby....

bunny ears

Maggie Moo's

well i cant get this to rotate... sorry!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Abby dance party... valentines!
Samuel comes to visit!

Abby rides her bike!

Haylee rides in a skirt!