Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lake Kemp

Robb looks like a pirate!
the girls prefur the pool over the lake.
Shoops come to visit
Dinner time

Monday, June 9, 2008

Samual Dalton

He is here May 31 @ 1:03 am 7lb 14oz 20in.
all are healthy and fine. lori (my sister-n-law) say he will be an only child. 17 weeks? bed rest, sewing up the cervics(sp?) all to get him here, early labor w/ water breaking @ 11pm. he looks just like my brother!!!!!!!


heres abs! she enjoys moving all the time! keeps me running!!her first boat ride she fell asleep! abby will start dance in sept. she finished her first year of preschool, she loves all her friends and mostly wants to do everything haylee does.

up to date!

Haylee turned 5 this year! she will go to crockett in august. our year in a quick summary. not much happened in jan., julie and matt finally had a baby,delana jean. march haylee turned 5 and had a princess tea party. not much till may when haylee graduated from pre school, and enjoyed her dance recital.